The industrial property market

Offices, shops, commercial premises, warehouses: commercial property therefore consists of goods that are not part of the so-called residential property such as Property for sale Cannes . They differ by historically and significantly higher returns than residential real estate. The industrial property market is currently experiencing a worldwide revival, mainly due to changes in consumption patterns. Historically reserved for institutional investors, real estate companies or large investors, professional real estate investment is now accessible to individuals.

Investing in commercial real estate

Investing in commercial real estate consists mainly of having a financial and rental balance. It is a clear truth that we tend to omit: the house is largely a source of price for the tenant, while the commercial space is a source of income for the occupant. The payment of rents is thus more assured insofar as the occupant’s activity is supposed to be profitable. On the other hand, the tenants’ turnover is significantly reduced because the premises are of significant importance for the brand that settles there. In turn, low sales will reduce the hidden costs of managing the property. You also have more freedom in establishing industrial leasing, which may include clauses that relieve you of certain expenses. Even if the indicators are based on many things.

The purchase of a commercial property

The purchase of a commercial property allows the investor a return sometimes twice as high as in a house. The risks of non-payment are considerably reduced and the lease can be signed for a period of nine years without the possibility of termination before three decades. The plan could be based on an additional value by choosing a well located location, performance, or by mixing the two.

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