Understand how the passive house works

There is a passive house, a house that uses very little energy and also recycles. Thanks to the performance of the power supply, ventilation and insulation, it maintains a mild ambient temperature all year round. For example, in a passive house, heat from the outside (sun) and heat from the inside (machines and inhabitants) are used to heat the house. To achieve its energy objectives, a passive house has an architecture and must face south when possible, in order to store as much solar energy as possible. Discover : www.rivieraluxuryrentals.com . t is possible to build a house in alternative or regional styles, with all kinds of construction techniques and materials, assuming that climatic conditions and its orientation have been taken into account in its design. Passive houses are equipped with large openings facing south to take advantage of solar gains and,

Purchase of a passive house or construction

You are wondering about the purchase price of passive houses. And of course, they are more expensive: better materials, the intervention of an architect or a design office, a better quality structure, etc. These elements increase the invoice. Discover luxury villas french riviera directly on the website of your real estate agency . Thus, it is considered that the construction of a passive house could cost between 15% and 25% more than a « traditional off-site » house. But this initial cost must be compared to the long-term savings: the house allows you to save money by avoiding cooling in summer and heating in winter. If you build for life, the bet is interesting.

The characteristics of a positive energy house

A BEPOS house produces more energy than it absorbs. In addition, it can be said otherwise: it consumes less energy than it produces… The calculation is based on the average of one year and includes the electrical appliances used by its own inhabitants. Energy houses are very low and at exactly the same time, they promote the comfort of the inhabitants. There is absolutely no question of cold or too hot. They also help to limit the impact of rising energy prices on your financial plan. The interior programs are designed according to current lifestyles, they understand how to preserve night spaces and all include beautiful lounges.

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